A Touch Of Class: African Art Galleries


Africa is teeming with superb artists and galleries to display their work. Take a look at these incredible spaces where you can go for your art fix.

Matisse Art Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco

One of the oldest and most sophisticated contemporary art galleries in Marrakech, Matisse Art Gallery exhibits the work of up-and-coming and well-known Moroccan artists, such as painters Farid Belkahia and Hassan El Glaoui, and calligrapher, Noureddine Daifallah. More recently, the gallery opened its doors to international artists to appeal to its growing worldwide clientele, and has exhibited the artwork of a number of famous, international 20th century contemporary artists.

Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa

The Goodman Gallery is at the forefront of contemporary art in South Africa, showcasing prominent artists and up-and-coming creative talents from the country and the rest of the African continent, as well as international artists who portray the African context through their artwork. With an ethos of developing artistic talent and cultural consciousness, the gallery focuses on artwork reflecting South Africa’s socio-political issues.

First Floor Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe

Founded in 2009, the gallery is situated in Harare’s busy inner city centre and is the first independent contemporary gallery run by emerging artists in Zimbabwe. Showcasing the artwork of rising and promising contemporary Zimbabwean artists, the gallery supports their professional development by growing their exposure across local and international audiences, facilitating art workshops and classes, and serving as an interactive experimental space.

Banana Hill Art Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya

A true art gem situated on the outskirts of Nairobi, the Banana Hill Art Gallery exhibits a superb selection of beautiful African contemporary artwork, and has showcased over 70 artists and sculptors principally from Kenya and East Africa.

Zoma Contemporary Art Centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Created by one of Ethiopia’s most original and active artists, Elias Sime, the Zoma Contemporary Art Centre seeks to promote multidisciplinary contemporary art, facilitate international exchange between artists, and inculcate a culture of environmentally conscious art projects in Ethiopia.

Omenka Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria

A leading contemporary art gallery in Nigeria, Omenka Gallery showcases the work of emerging and acclaimed Nigerian and international artists. It also houses one of the most comprehensive collections of the renowned Nigerian painter and sculptor, Ben Enwounwu.

Eureka Galerie, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Situated in the Ivory Coast’s tropical bustling capital city, the Eureka Galerie is devoted to the discovery, sharing and growth of appreciation of African contemporary art in Ivory Coast and the surrounding region.

Galerie El Marsa, La Marsa, Tunisia

This gallery is dedicated to representing current trends and developing the potential of contemporary artists in Arab countries, with a particular focus on artists from Tunisia and the North African region.

Zamalek Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

Specialising in the promotion of Egyptian contemporary art, this gallery hosts a series of exciting monthly exhibitions, featuring recognised and emerging young artists from Egypt.

Afriart Gallery, Kampala, Uganda

A leading contemporary art gallery in the east African country of Uganda, the Afriart Gallery exhibits an exquisite selection of Ugandan and African art. Representing both well-established and rising artists, the gallery’s interior is filled with beautiful paintings and sculptures, and has featured well-known local artists such as Edison Mugalu and Paulo Akiiki.



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