African Airlines Flourish

African Airlines Flourish

The global airline industry has never performed better.

Chris Zweigenthal of AASA has said that according to AASA’s 2015/2016 report, it is predicted that African airlines will post a total profit of $300m (R4.2bn) in 2016, a massive increase from $100m (R1.4bn) in 2015. Over the last year, AASA has been involved in several projects to help improve travel in southern Africa. Some of the items Zweigenthal listed in this year’s report include: 

Hand baggage project

In 2015 AASA, in partnership with ACSA, established new regulations for carry-on luggage. Passengers were restricted to one carry-on item weighing 7kg so that the amount of luggage taken into the cabin would be reduced. At first, under the watchful eyes of customer agents at security queues, the project was a success. The agents have since been removed and as a result, the amount of carry-on luggage has again started to increase. AASA and ACSA are working on a permanent solution.

Fast travel

Fast Travel is an IATA initiative that aims to provide a complete self-service travel experience for 80% of travellers by 2020. This includes self-tagging of luggage, which is being piloted at ORTIA by SAA. A self-boarding pilot project is also underway at Cape Town International Airport, whereby passengers scan their boarding passes to gain entry to the aircraft. A dedicated baggage reclaim service will also be implemented once kiosks have been installed. 

Banned airlines

All airlines in Angola (except for TAAG), the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique are on the EU banned list. These SADC countries and the International Civil Aviation Organisation are working on removing these airlines from the banned list.

Source: Travel and Meetings. Image: Pixabay



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