Can You Really Chill While On Holiday?

Can You Really Chill While On Holiday?

A recent Holiday Inn ‘Do More of What You Love’ survey shows that South Africans spend too much time on work and not enough enjoying their holidays.

Holiday Inn gathered insights from travellers across Asia, the Middle East and Africa and found that travellers have a tough time disengaging from work. According to the survey results:

  • One in 10 respondents feel they are able to switch off completely while on holiday.
  • 30 percent of South Africans have cancelled or postponed a break.
  • 30 percent said they could not remember a holiday that was not interrupted by work.
  • Nearly one in three respondents said they only check their work emails once their children are in bed, in order to enjoy time away and also remain committed to their jobs.

Source: Networking Time. Image: Pixabay



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