Cape Town Carnival Yields Riches

Cape Town Carnival Yields Riches

After seven years, the carnival is pulling in the crowds and pushing up the numbers for those in need

Over the past seven years the Cape Town Carnival has established strong roots in 54 diverse community groups across the Western Cape. Many months of preparation and hard work go into the final parade of fireworks, music, dance and larger-than-life floats. The event shines a light on the Mother City and the talent and the creativity of its people, giving the different community groups an opportunity to strut their stuff on this unique stage, exposing carnival-goers to new and exciting performers.

One of the community groups that participates in the Cape Town Carnival is the Western Province Marching Band. “The Cape Town Carnival is a great way for the marching band to interact with and be exposed to other cultures and communities in the province,” says Saeed Ruiters, group president of the band.

The Western Province Marching Band was one of three groups that in 2016 shared the annual cash prize offered to the carnival’s top performers, with judges giving points for professionalism, precision, performance and passion. The other two were Steenberg High School and Lavender Hill High School.

Cape Town Carnival CEO Jay Douwes says that job creation is a key priority for the Cape Town Carnival. In 2016 the Cape Town Carnival created over 400 direct jobs and a further 514 work opportunities, of which over 60 percent were aimed at our youth. “Giving the youth purpose and a cause to be part of a team is vital in motivating them,” says Douwes. “The job opportunities cover an array of skill sets and diverse fields such as metalwork, pattern-making and event planning, with training opportunities provided in costume, float design and set building.”

The Cape Town Carnival also encourages and supports small businesses and entrepreneurs by enlisting them to install event branding, doing photography and conducting surveys on the event day.

Source and image: Dummett & Co