Combine Work And Play For Fun, Affordable Travel

Image: Pixabay

Bleisure travel is an awful contraction but, if industry experts are to be believed, it’s a growing trend as business travellers add a little personal downtime at the start or end of their work-related trips.

While bleisure travel probably isn’t as defined a trend in South Africa as it is in the United States, South Africans may increasingly be inclined to mix business and pleasure to make their travel rands stretch further, particularly if they can get a few days relaxation at a corporate rate. 

Reasons For Combining Business With Pleasure Include:

  • Getting to know the culture in the cities or foreign countries where you do business.
  • Coping with the stress of a connected, always-on world.
  • A reward for being away from home.
  • Adding a day or two at the end of a trip can also mean that you arrive back at the office feeling refreshed and enthused, rather than wrung out and exhausted.

If you’re booking your own travel:

  • Combine airfare, hotel and car hire to avoid any surprises, such as taxes.
  • See if you are eligible for discounts or specials if you book through a single portal.
  • Use your loyalty points if you belong to any programmes.

Compiled by: Melissa Jane Cook. Source: Meropa.



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