Crazy Travel Stories

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There is always something bizarre, frightening, baffling or surreal happening in the world around us. Whether it is in front of us, next door or in another country, rest assured, something is happening. Here are a few travel stories that show how oddly hysterical people are:

1.  “I’m not sick. I’m not a terrorist. I just want to pee!”
French actor Gerard Depardieu was refused access to the loo while his flight was on the runway. He then attempted to relieve himself in a bottle, but instead urinated on the floor. The plane returned to the gate, Depardieu was forced to say adieu(he was kicked off) and the rest of the passengers waited two hours while the carpet was scrubbed.

2. Saintly smuggling
A never-ending font of delight is the list of crazy things people try to smuggle in luggage. Live birds, millions in diamonds, cocaine concealed in toys – even butter, if you can believe it. But one of the most bizarre was the skeleton of a nun, found in a monk’s suitcase. A 56-year-old Cypriot monk was detained after security agents discovered a skull and skeleton in his bag. The monk claimed the remains were of a sainted nun. He was charged with theft and desecrating the dead, and was suspended from his duties at the monastery for three months for skipping town without permission.

3. How to put your wife on notice
The equally brilliant ingenuity and sheer idiocy of this move makes it a goody. A UK immigration officer found the ultimate coping mechanism for dealing with an awful marriage: putting his wife on a terrorist watch list while she was visiting family in Pakistan. The move kept his wife from returning home for three years. He was found out and lost his job.

4. Hair scare
A 53-year-old woman cleared security without incident at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, but TSA agents chased after her down an escalator to call her back. Forget something? Oh, just to inspect your hair! Agents pulled aside the Dallas hairstylist before she could board the tram to her concourse and searched her hair for explosives. Just how big was her hair? she said she hadn’t cut it in 41 years.

5. Big brother is listening…
Staff at a brand of hotels started roaming the halls of the hotels, keeping an ear out for nasal buzzsaws behind closed doors. When someone’s snores are loud enough to be heard in the hall, the member of the Snore Patrol knocks on the door to rouse the sleeping guest. How would you like the job title of Snore Monitor? The hotel chain also started building snore-proof rooms in some of its hotels. The specially retrofitted rooms include soundproofed walls and headboards, anti-snoring pillows and white noise machines.

6. The cost of flying, minus overhead
A flight attendant on a jaunt from Fiji to Sydney was fired for putting a toddler in an overhead bin. He claims he was just joining in with the boy’s dad – who was playing peek-a-boo with the 17-month-old child – and got a little too into it. The toddler wasn’t physically hurt, though three months later he was apparently seeing specialists for anxiety. The mom claims she was so traumatised by the event that she couldn’t possibly ever, ever use the three free flights the airline offered her. She’s also now estranged from the hubby.



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