Discover The Best Tea Experiences At Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts

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A trip inside the world of tea is a definite must do for all – just to get a taste of elegance and luxury that comes with it – simply because you deserve it.

Spend a leisurely afternoon at the InterContinental Sandton Towers, in Johannesburg, discovering the art of tea. From the first hint of its gentle aroma, to a sip of the subtle infusion, enjoying a cup of tea is a luxury in itself – an experience so delightful yet refreshingly pure at the same time.

The roots of tea trace back to the Shang Dynasty in China, 200 AD. Gradually making its way to Western shores, tea was later popularised in Britain during the 17th century, when the British introduced tea production and consumption to India. There is no denying the quintessential role tea plays in our lives – be it to lift your spirits, or calm your soul.

To celebrate this wonderful yet often overlooked luxury, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts uncovers the best tea experiences in the region. Indulge in reinvented English classics that are sure to satisfy those with a discerning palate, such as delectable lemon raisin scones served with coffee and jams. Guests can pair their tea with exquisite delicacies from the all-day snack menu, or partake in an evening wind-down over cocktails.

With an à la carte selection of teas, coffees and pâtisseries du jour, guests can take their tea with innovative creations carefully crafted by the pastry chefs, including chocolate tartlets, tarte aux pommes and gelatos. A timeless ceremony that spans cultures worldwide, the allure of tea drinking lies in its very simplicity.

Source and image: Ogilvy Public Relations



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