Down The Zip Line We Go

Down The Zip Line We Go

Exercising is rarely a priority when planning a holiday, but when you’re faced with going down the longest double zip line in South Africa, it becomes a workout in more ways than one…

The moment you hear or read the words ‘Adrenalin Addo’ in Port Elizabeth, you know your day is about to step into the active zone. Our day started off with a long, very bumpy ride – a first on this trip, as we had become used everything being just about ‘15 minutes’ away.

Leaving our shuttle, the hype revived our bumped-up spirits and we were ready to fly down the zip line. Once the team at Adrenalin Addo helped us with the gear we needed, we activated our #SelfieMode and embarked on a 15-minute hike up to the starting point of the double zip line. Of course we took more group pictures, to show the world that even the unfit can survive that long hike. Once hooked to the zip line, all we had to do was jump off and slide… screaming our lungs out!

Starting the day off with a visit to Adrenalin Addo was a great way to get the blood pumping. The team there was very friendly and organised, with safety always being top of mind.

If you’re heading to Nelson Mandela Bay (PE) any time soon, be sure to make a stop at Adrenalin Addo. Not only do you get to go down the longest double zip line in South Africa, but you can also hire a canoe and paddle the waters of Sundays River, try out the giant swing, or even hike to their view points and enjoy the surrounds of a citrus-rich valley.

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Images: BM Studios and Photography.