Ensure You Are Insured

Image: Airvanuatu.com

When travelling, most of us take as many safety precautions as possible and try to tow the line as best we can lest we fall foul of the law. But how often do you think of the little accidents and incidents that could ruin your dream holiday? Travel insurance is a must to ensure that you are covered, come what may.

Travel insurance policies vary and some cover more than others, including broken spectacles, eye tests, specialist checks, dental work and even trauma counselling. If you are in a foreign country, it is in your best interest to know you have good travel insurance covering you.

  1. United Kingdom: Hospital bed R9 500; Travel insurance R911

Some of the potential risks travellers in the UK are exposed to currently include terrorist attacks and delays due to extensive baggage checks and security measures. If you are travelling to the UK, remember to be aware of any suspicious behaviour, always use the safest routes and stay up to date with the news media.

  1. Thailand: Hospital bed R1 540; Travel insurance – R1 215

Thailand has a zero-tolerance law against illicit supply and possession of illegal drugs. Never deface the image of the king or their currency. If you are found guilty of this crime, you could spend up to 15 years in jail. It is illegal to drink alcohol at temples, pharmacies, parks, petrol stations, schools and universities. Travellers should be aware that negligence is not covered by insurance and extra coverage should be taken out for adventure activities, motorcycle riding and sparring in a Muay Thai fight.

  1. New Zealand: Hospital bed R6 590; Travel insurance R980

If you are travelling to New Zealand in the near future know that the country is subject to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme snow conditions. The area is also regarded as one of the sports adventure destinations in the world, offering mountain biking, skiing and surfing.

  1. Canada: Hospital bed R10 183, Travel insurance R1 690

Canada is a vortex for adrenalin junkies. From the great sea spots to the mountainous hikes and ski resorts, make sure to take out insurance for the whole family. 

  1. Italy: Hospital bed R8 100; Travel insurance R1 380

Avoid getting knocked over by a scooter or becoming a victim of heat exhaustion.

  1. Singapore: Hospital bed R15 080; Travel insurance R1 230

This hot and humid country is susceptible to diseases like malaria, so it is best advised to take anti-malaria precautions when travelling to the rural areas. Travellers are also advised to be aware of pick-pockets and abide by the laws of behaviour between men and women; offensive language, inappropriate touching and harassment of women is subject to time in prison or corporal punishment.

  1. France: Hospital bed R8 730; Travel insurance R1 385

The country has been subject to terrorist attacks and that while there have been no warnings or alerts in 2016 thus far, vigilance, caution and awareness of surroundings must be practised at all times.

  1. Japan: Hospital bed R8 560; Travel insurance R1 350

Japan is prone to natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. One also stands the risk of being exposed to radiation in some areas of the country, the very high cost of healthcare and the risk of sports injuries. You must also be aware of the Japanese customs and traditions, which are considered rude if ignored, such as: bowing when greeting, dressing modestly, sticking to neutral conversation topics and never refusing a beverage.

  1. Germany: Hospital bed R9 470; Travel insurance R1 385

If you are going to a German beer festival you stand a high risk of having a severe hangover or even alcohol poisoning. Make sure you know your limit to avoid the pricey stay in a hospital. Travellers should Also practise caution when travelling on the autobahn and always wear their seat belt. 

  • Spain: hospital bed R8 200; Travel insurance R1 385

Spain offers a wide variety of adventure activities, from water sports to mountain excursions. Be aware of seafood dishes, allergies and heatstroke.