Financial Boost For Robben Island

Image: Pixabay

A grant of R10m to the popular tourist attraction and UNESCO world heritage site off the Cape Coast will enhance the visitor experience.

Interim CEO for Robben Island Museum, Mava Dada, has welcomed the destination development grant of R10m from the National Department of Tourism (NDT). “This funding is confirmation that NDT is serious about destination development and putting South Africa on the map. Robben Island is fortunate to have been chosen to be recipient of this funding, and we will make sure that a visit to our museum is both world-class and memorable,” Mava said.

The contribution aims to enhance the visitor experience through supporting identified and planned components. The current support focus is on capacity development of tourist guides, digitisation of heritage information and archives, improving visitor information services, and increasing existing and introducing additional food and beverage facilities, as well as a craft centre.

The department is also exploring ways in which more South Africans can gain access to, and experience, attractions like Robben Island through initiatives such as open days. Transport to the island, which celebrates its 20th anniversary next year, has been improved since Robben Island Museum partnered with a number of passenger ferries.

Compiled by: Melissa Jane Cook. Source: eTNW. 



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