First Group Heeds The Call To Promote Local Tourism

Selbourne Hotel, Spa & Golf Estate

With the economic pinch, cash-strapped holidaymakers need to dig deeper into their pockets for vacations, making local travel increasingly more appealing.

At the launch of September’s Tourism Month, CEO of South African Tourism, Sisa Ntshona, reiterated that South Africans are in a tight economic environment; however, tourism is one of the sectors where he believes South Africans can see their rand go further.

“Sisa Ntshona’s encouragement to make tourism everyone’s business and rally the nation to explore our own country to increase the awareness of South Africa’s affordable, exciting and world-class attractions stands to reason,” says Tim Spencer, Director of First Resorts. “There’s so much more available in our own backyard than we realise and First Group has heeded the call to promote local travel through the promotion of its memorable vacation destinations.”

With a countrywide footprint of over 60 properties, 507 205 premier room nights and 24 years’ experience in hotel management, First Group is well positioned to encourage South Africans to explore a wide variety of our country’s best attractions – from pristine beaches along the entire coastline to urban retreats as well as bush, wetlands, golfing and wildlife experiences. The Group has also taken the initiative to promote local economies and communities – a philosophy that embraces the call for sustainable tourism. “Our staff are trained to inform and assist guests with exploring the local attractions, tasting the local cuisine and supporting local artists and entrepreneurs,” he adds.

Presidential suite of the Selbourne Hotel, Spa & Golf Estate

Whether its brand-new discoveries or returning to old favourites, including the places you visited as a child, Spencer encourages holidaymakers to take the time to learn more about our country’s heritage, wherever their exploration takes them. “Providing world-class luxury accommodation and service levels that exceed the expectations of local holidaymakers will play an important role in helping to grow domestic tourism. As a leading hospitality brand, we pride ourselves in offering peace-of-mind vacations thanks to high-quality experiences. Going forward, this will play a pivotal role in making a far-reaching impact in the local tourism value chain,” concludes Spencer.

Source and images: Lee Jarrett Communications