Five Great Adventure Travel Experiences In Kenya

Five Great Adventure Travel Experiences In Kenya

Kenya is quietly gaining a reputation among adventure travellers as a destination packed with adrenalin-fuelled experiences beyond the traditional Kenya Safari for which the country became famous.

According to Travel Gazette: “The number of tourists arriving in Kenya between January and October [2016] reached 729,682, a 16.1-percent increase on the previous year”. In addition, a recent panel, which included representation from two globally leading Adventure Travel companies, selected Kenya as one of nine must-visit destinations in 2017. There are few destinations in the world that offer Kenya’s level of rugged landscapes, wild encounters and world-class adventure activities.

Ker & Downey Africa offers their countdown of the Top 5 Adventure Travel experiences available in East Africa’s hottest destination this year:

  1. White-Water Rafting, Tana River

Kenya’s white-water rafting on Tana River has been the chosen location for two Kayaking Olympic Qualifiers, involving 16 countries in Africa – a clear indication of the quality of these revered white-water rafting routes. With a variety of class II to class V, the white water of the Tana River draws amateur and white-water rafting enthusiasts alike from around the world seeking out the thrill of the rapids.

  1. Wild Dog Walking Safari, Laikipia

A Kenya safari can be an incredibly memorable and rejuvenating experience, but it can also be gruelling and tough, depending on your preference. For the fittest of the fit or a traveller looking to push themselves, a multi-day walking safari through the Laikipia wilderness is the perfect choice. Famous for close encounters with its wild dog, rhino and elephant populations, this walking safari is the perfect adventure for those adventurers looking to get their heart pumping.

  1. Skydiving, Diani Beach

Tumbling out of a plane 3 600m above Diani Beach, Kenya and the Zanzibar Archipelago is definite requirement for daredevil adventurers visiting East Africa. The height of this skydive provides jumpers with the opportunity to free fall for 55 seconds and reach a terminal velocity of 200km/h. Beyond the pure adrenalin rush the skydive provides, the views is just spectacular.

  1. Safaricom Marathon, Lewa Conservancy

With over 1 200 runners from 20 countries, the 140 armed rangers and three spotter helicopters have their work cut out for them protecting the Safaricom Marathon runners through 13 miles of unfenced wild. The Lewa Conservancy is home to 26 lions, 182 giraffe and a rhino population – meaning the spotter helicopters have to continuously identify threats to the runners and shepherd animals away. The danger and distance of this marathon forces down the completion rate of this marathon to 30%.

  1. Summiting Mount Kenya

At 5 199m, Mount Kenya in Mount Kenya National Park is the highest mountain in Kenya. Beyond the feat of climbing to the summit, the combination of height and complexity places the Batian summit of Mount Kenya at the top of our list. Traversing spires, cliffs, ridges and peaks requires an unparalleled level of technical climbing skill when it comes to African summits.

Source: Ker & Downey Africa. Image: Pixabay