Five Ways To Produce A Winning Exhibition

Five Ways To Produce A Winning Exhibition

If you’re interested in creating your own exhibition, check out these great tips.

  1. Define your target audience

Understand who you are targeting and don’t waste time with people that don’t fall within your target profile. The key is to listen more and talk less to establish if those you are engaging with are a potential target.

  1. Set quantifiable exhibiting goals

Understand why you are exhibiting – is it for sales, lead generation or launch to market? Once you can answer this, make sure it’s quantifiable.

  1. Have a proper exhibition marketing plan

Take care how you communicate to current and potential clients. Be sure that people who visit the exhibitions know where they can find you. Don’t let them stumble across your stand, but rather be there for a purpose.

  1. Build brand awareness with your exhibition stand

Make sure your display matches your brand identity and that it has the same message and colours, regardless of if it’s a DIY, purchased or custom-built stand. The dress code of staff and team members should also tie in.

  1. Put together a proper follow-up plan

It is not about the number of days that you exhibit, but your follow-up plan and how you follow up with visitors. It is important to put together a classified database on sales leads. This will also come in handy when looking back to see what worked for you and what didn’t.

Source: Travel and Meetings. Image: Pixabay



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