Flight Centre Unveils New Offering

Flight Centre Unveils New Offering

Flight Centre Travel Group has launched its latest offering, Stage and Screen South Africa.

Stage and Screen South Africa, Flight Centre Travel Group’s newest addition, has launched to provide the sporting and entertainment industry with a dedicated set of services for travel arrangements. Following a year of testing the market, the new company officially launched in November 2016.

It is aimed at bands, artists, sports teams, TV and film crews, and other creative industries that often require group bookings and larger baggage allowances for equipment. “Sports teams have large amounts of luggage, from their uniforms to their equipment. And they often comprise a large number of business-class travellers requiring group treatment,” says Robyn van Staden, GM of Stage and Screen South Africa.

She says Stage and Screen can negotiate special extra luggage rates with travel providers. “With sports teams, we’ve had to negotiate with airlines to book out the entire business-class section on an aircraft so that the teams are not split.”

As well as offering travel arrangements for large groups and their excess baggage, Stage and Screen also aims to provide VIP travel services, including secure transfers, private hotel entrances, entire hotel floor bookings and late night check-ins. A dedicated travel management team will also be available to clients 24/7.

Source: Travel and Meetings. Image: Pixabay