Four Ways To Connect With Your Travellers

Four Ways To Connect With Your Travellers

Organisations that put more focus on the individual traveller can achieve better outcomes when targeting travel objectives, according to Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

In its White Paper, Making Connections, the Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) says travel managers are operating in the era of traveller centricity. The CWT Solutions Group has identified four key tips for travel managers to adopt in order to efficiently connect with travellers:

  1. Understanding who your traveller is

Organisations can segment their travelling populations in order to better understand travellers and customise booking policy according to each segment. In its White Paper, CWT says: “Not all travellers are alike, yet very few organisations actually use segmentation methodologies to understand their travellers” and adds that there are different ways for each business to segment its travelling populations.

  1. Don’t forget who’s doing the booking

Personal assistants often book travel, CWT says. By addressing their challenges, such as sorting out airfare types and finding the right hotel, corporations can help manage expectations and contribute to a positive impact on the travel budget and traveller satisfaction. “This is because a PA needs to manage conflicting priorities between traveller satisfaction and policy compliance, all within a complex and fast-changing industry. PAs have significant impact on an organisation’s travel spend,” says CWT.

  1. Hear the voice, go beyond the data

According to the White Paper, traveller behaviour is usually monitored by generic KPIs based on the action plans that are built to drive savings, without understanding the reason for traveller behaviour. “Yet not understanding the underlying reason behind the behaviour will fail to improve KPIs and drive your organisation’s objectives, whether they be savings or safety related,” CWT says.

  1. Communicating efficiently with travellers

Once organisations have segmented their travellers, they will need to identify the right needs and expectations of the different traveller populations and identify areas of improvement. CWT highlights that communication must be adapted to the group of targeted travellers to ensure communication is reached.

“Communication must be adapted to the group of targeted travellers,” says CWT.

The two questions that should drive your communication are:

  • What message(s) do we want to deliver?
  • How do we want to reach our targeted audiences?

Source: Travel and Meetings. Image: Pixabay