Green Up For Ethical Tourism

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Planning the perfect holiday involves lots of exciting decisions, but often does not include the eco-friendly options.

How well a destination supports its local community and respects the wildlife has rarely been considered. But in these days of eco-friendly everything, people are beginning to choose their destination by its green credentials and its conservation efforts. The Minor Hotel Group is introducing environmentally friendly measures in all its hotels around the globe. Here’s what travellers can look forward to when they look for a hotel that’s as green as they are:

  1. Recycling

A quick and easy win comes from recycling. All their hotels offer complimentary drinking water in glass bottles, which are sterilised and reused repeatedly. That has drastically reduced the use of plastic bottles. All the other cans and bottles are recycled, creating a business for local recyclers and preventing unsightly litter or the clogging up the landfill sites. Kitchen waste is also recycled, usually through the local pig farm.

  1. Electricity

LED light bulbs are a standard fitting in all the hotels to reduce electricity consumption. A bigger problem is the air conditioning, since most of the hotels are in tropical climates where air conditioning is essential.

  1. Harnessing the Sunshine

With most of their hotels based in Asia and Africa, it makes sense to use solar power. They have committed to installing solar power as a standard policy at all our properties. They are especially proud of their off-the grid island, Anantara Medjumbe in Mozambique, which will be only the second island in the world and the first in Africa, to run entirely on renewable energy.

  1. Desalination

While solar power can run a desalination plant for a small hotel, turning seawater into drinking water for larger hotels is a double-edged sword. It’s an energy-guzzling process, so being green enough to produce your own drinking water means using a lot of electricity and pumping out greenhouse gases.

  1.  Grey Water

Countless litres of barely-used water cascade down the drains of hotels around the world every minute, as guests wash their hands, shower or empty the baths. Their policy is to divert as much of this water as they can into the irrigation system to water the lawns and gardens.

  1. Ethical Farming

They are very careful about where there fresh food comes from. They use local growers and farmers wherever possible, and support local fishermen.

Compiled by: Melissa Jane Cook. Source: Sir Richard Hawkins.



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