Honouring Africa’s Sporting Greats

Honouring Africa’s Sporting Greats

Sports enthusiasts young and old are able to celebrate the country’s rich sporting history at the South African Hall of Fame, located in Sun City’s newly upgraded entertainment and convention centre, Sun Central.

The South African Hall of Fame officially opened its doors on 23 November 2016 at Sun City and is an interactive exhibition hub, which celebrates the country’s sports people. This legacy project is a first of its kind in Africa, made possible by Samsung as the technology partner and Sun international as the lifestyle partner.

Samsung offers a state of the art virtual reality section, where visitors can test their skills in the golf and soccer simulators or run against Seabelo Senatla. Interactive touch screens are also available to give visitors the opportunity to read and learn about their favourite sports stars.

“We, especially our children, can go to learn more about South Africa’s sports heroes, and acknowledge the sheer dedication required for those athletes to become leaders. We hope that the South African Hall of Fame will inspire our visitors to follow their dreams and plant the seeds of aspiration,” says Raul de Lima, General Manager at Sun City.

The primary objective of the Hall of Fame is to acknowledge and preserve South Africa’s rich and diverse sporting heritage by:

  • Creating a permanent home for the legacy to our ‘sporting greats’ and honouring their achievements at the South African Hall of Fame at Sun City.
  • Creating an opportunity for all South Africans to experience the thrill of world sport through state-of-the-art technology and virtual gear at the Hall of Fame.
  • Launching community-based projects that tell the story of how sport has played a role in uniting the nation.
  • Promoting the positive values of hard work, dedication and commitment that sport can instil in society as a whole.
  • Identifying and nurturing talent – specifically among those South Africans who don’t have the means to realise their dreams. This will be done through coaching clinics, bursaries, scholarships and mentorships.

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Source and image: The Mailroom PR.