Hot Trends In Event Food And Beverage

Image: Pixabay

Evolving tastes and a shift toward socially responsible events have shaped new culinary trends.

Chef Christophe Luzeux, executive chef of the Halifax Convention Centre, explains how guests expect an experience, not just a meal. Here are some ways you can really wow them:

Local inspiration

Many catering companies specialise in regional dishes, but showing your guests that their entire meal came from local sources invokes a sense of pride and connection.

Local wine and craft beer

Your goal to source locally shouldn’t end at meat and vegetables. Try incorporating unique beverage options from local wineries and breweries. Estate wines and craft beers will round out a memorable meal by exposing your attendees to local traditions and culture.

Healthy and sustainable food

Sustainability is a huge concern for many organisations and guests. You’re likely to see a higher demand for ingredients that are sustainable, organic, seasonal, and fair trade. Find ways to reduce food waste and donate leftovers to a local food bank.

Grab and go with a flare

Your attendees have a tight schedule. Snacks and meals that can be eaten without knives, forks, and plates are in high demand. Convenient, portable food frees up time for mingling and re-energising between panels, or taking a break from the tradeshow floor.

Comfort food with a twist

Add some flair to traditional comfort food items with surprising pairings and flavours. Imaginative combinations, such as potato chips with champagne, will make a lasting impression. Gourmet twists on old standby dishes provide exactly the kind of event experience guests are looking for.

Compiled by: Melissa Jane Cook. Source: Travel and Meetings.