How To Utilise Event Apps Cost-Effectively

How To Utilise Event Apps Cost-Effectively

Eventing apps have streamlined the organisation of MICE events as they enable the simple management of information from a centralised space and assure the organiser that information is relevant, timely and professionally delivered.

Not only do they increase the efficiency of organisers and save them time, apps are simple to use by MICE delegates and afford them the opportunity to keep all event details in handy form on a mobile device.

In general, eventing apps display a flexibility that enables MICE organisers to customise app features to their unique meeting or incentive needs, says Pascale Prinsloo, Marketing and Social Media creative co-ordinator for Tourvest Incentives Meetings and Events (IME).

“Eventing apps can be used for a simple application all the way through to a complex 10-day international incentive,” says Prinsloo. Updates to agendas, flight schedules and team messaging are some of the MICE aspects that are easily managed through apps. Some more recent innovations extend to self-sign-in registration, downloading of all documents, and rating of event sessions through a ‘like’ facility.

Prinsloo says a creative perspective may be required, though, where budget is concerned, as purchasing apps can be costly. “There is no use in paying for all the features on an app, and only making use of one or two successfully. Businesses can optimise one or two features and gain a greater return on investment through sharing app containers and also choosing features based on the return they will offer.”

An app container, in very simple terms, is a large app with the ability to host smaller ones. One that is commonly used in eventing circles is Lumi, available as a multi- or single-event app container, or through the Lumi Show app with a choice of server hosting locations.

Tourvest IME has gone the container route, having developed its own product available in App Store, called Tourvest IME. It allows the company to host clients’ event apps within this larger repository, personalised to their needs and without having to fork out considerable sums of money. “Our app can be used for groups from as small as eight through to 3 000 and can be customised for an event, incentive or conference,” says Prinsloo.

However, Prinsloo believes there is room in the market for the development of an app with a worldwide presence tailored specifically for incentive travel. Says Prinsloo: “There are the favourites like an Uber, which operates globally and in key metropolitan areas. TripAdvisor is good for restaurants and activities and for fast and efficient accommodation. While these don’t specifically relate to the incentive itself, I would recommend a customised event app being used for an incentive trip along with the aforementioned apps.”

Source: Michelle Colman. Image: Pixabay