Innovative Teambuilding Ideas

Image: ISTOCK.

Victoria Falls offers a number of experiences well suited to teambuilding activities. Get your company together for some great fun!

The Elephant Café & River Meander

Cross the famous bridge from Zimbabwe into Zambia for a magical experience unlike any other. The day kicks of with a 30-minute upriver jet-boat trip exploring the Zambezi channels for wildlife. After a scene set by a noted modern-day solo explorer, a small herd of domesticated elephants suddenly appears and you will be able to enjoy time interacting with them. This is followed by a sumptuous gourmet lunch on the exquisite Elephant Café deck that juts out into the Zambezi, while the elephants wander nearby. Raft floats, travelling downstream, can also be used to reach the venue. While on the river, in rafts or jet boats, various scavenger-hunt elements can be included. For bigger budgets, the return transfer can be aboard a luxury vintage steam train.

White water rafting

The Zambezi River is acclaimed for being one of the finest white water rafting destinations in the world. Corporates can choose between a half-day (12 rapids) or full-day (23 rapids) itinerary, depending on the amount of time they want to spend on the river. And if ever a team needed to work together this would be the place, as white water rafting in this part of the world includes some Grade 5 rapids. The names of some of the rapids give you an idea of what to expect – Oblivion and Stairway to Heaven to name just two. Organisations may brand the rafts with their logos and set up challenges along the way.


Setting out from a remote spot upriver on the Zambezi in either canoes or rafts, delegates can enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of this eco-wonderland, with guides pointing out the birds and wildlife along the way. This canoeing excursion is further sweetened by the arrival of some elephants with which participants can interact.

Interactive drumming and bush dinner

Africa is the drum continent of the world and drumming is a fundamental group activity for celebrating success, preparing for battle or relaxing. Drumming as a teambuilding exercise is a very popular offering at Victoria Falls. Facilitators guide groups, each ‘equipped’ with their own traditional African drum, with instructions, hand movements and drum beating. This evolves to a point, eventually, where there are different drum patterns of beats for different sections of the group – and a tapestry of individual, yet complementary sounds, are woven.

Compliled by: Melissa Jane Cook. Source: Liesl Venter.