Loyalty Programmes: Who Should Be The Beneficiary?

Loyalty Programmes: Who Should Be The Beneficiary?

When it comes to loyalty programmes, who should benefit – the business or corporate client as a group, or its travelling staff?

“The corporate companies should be rewarded to enable them to reward staff members, and manage the behavioural adjustments they might be trying to achieve. If businesses are rewarded, that allows them to use the rewards towards their social development initiatives.” ­– Lindi Chiya, Director: Account Management, Club Travel Corporate

“The recipient of the loyalty programme benefit is determined by the corporate client’s specific travel policy, which may either collect the loyalty points within a group account to be used at the company’s discretion or, alternatively, the corporate client may award the loyalty programme benefits to the individual traveller as a form of personal benefit/compensation. From our perspective, there is no preferred benefit recipient, as it is up to the corporate client to determine the benefit allocation.” – Frank Palapies, COO: Africa & Middle East, Wings Travel Management

“Travellers always have a choice in where they stay, even if they are simply choosing their favourite option from a short list of hotels that their corporation has approved. Therefore, we want the benefits to go directly to the individual traveller to thank them for choosing the independent hotel experience, in particular, a Preferred Hotels & Resorts property. By extending the benefits directly to that traveller, we create a strong connection for them with our brand and our worldwide portfolio of hotels so that they can become more familiar with the options we offer and, most importantly, have the opportunity to reap the rewards of choosing one of our hotels (i.e. points) for a future stay, in the form that they want (i.e. towards their hotel stay or another on property experience), whether on business or leisure.” – Casey Ueberroth, Chief Marketing Officer, Preferred Hotels & Resorts

“This is a very personal decision by each company. Many corporate buyers request a price that excludes the loyalty benefit, while others accumulate this benefit for the company. In many cases the benefit is passed on to the corporate traveller and this has been motivated as a benefit for the time spent away from home.” – Lance Smith, Executive: Sales Avis Rent a Car Southern Africa.

Source: Michelle Colman. Image: Pixabay