Luxury Charter Airline To Expand Into Africa

Luxury Charter Airline To Expand Into Africa

Federal Airlines is looking to expand its route network in 2017 into neighbouring African countries not serviced by scheduled airlines.

Federal Airlines will also look into basing aircraft at strategic airports in South Africa that complement the airline’s existing service. “There’s a big focus on charters and VIP services to these neighbouring African countries,” said Nik Lloyd-Roberts, Commercial Manager, who adds that it will mean greater connectivity in untouched areas.

The airline will also look to partner with other operators to broaden its service offering in the northern Kruger area. The airline currently services Buffalo Range in Zimbabwe twice a week, which allows travellers to maximise on experience and minimise on travel time, says Lloyd-Roberts. The Buffalo Range service allows guests to access both Singita Pamushana Lodge and Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge.

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