Namibia: Where Desert Dunes Meet The Ocean

Image: Pixabay

The Namib Desert offers an abundance of activities for travellers, along with great opportunities to spot dolphins and seals at the coast.

Desert Adventures

Tommy’s Living Desert Tour

Guido Roeschlau, Contracting Manager at Sense of Africa Namibia, suggests experiencing Tommy’s Living Desert tour in Swakopmund. “Just the drive in the dunes is an amazing experience, but Tommy will show you a lot more than sand. He introduces you to some of the fascinating, hidden life in this apparently barren landscape that is part of the Namib Desert.”

Guests will discover creatures endemic to the Namib, such as the sidewinder snake and the Palmato gecko with its transparent skin and beautiful colours. The tour also teaches guests about how the area’s plants and small animals survive the harsh climate, and how they obtain water.

Sandwich Harbour Tour

The Sandwich Harbour Tour shows visitors where desert dunes meet the ocean. The tour traverses a dune chain adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, zigzagging the original railway line between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. This is an opportunity for a detailed look at the formation of the world’s oldest desert – its origins, composition and movements. This half-day trip is an ideal addition to a self-drive safari in Namibia, or even a guided Namibian safari that has a few days free in Swakopmund.

Desert Quad Biking

Visitors who enjoy a bit of a thrill should go quad biking through the Namibian desert. Janet Wilson-Moore, General Manager at the Swakopmund Hotel & Entertainment Centre, suggests a quadbike tour from Namibia Click and Travel. The route takes visitors through the mouth of the Swakopmund River into the dune belt towards the Amphitheatre. Choose between two tour options – a 20-kilometre tour for one hour or a two-hour tour of about 35 to 55 kilometres.


Namibia Click and Travel also offers sandboarding as a desert activity, says Wilson-Moore. The activity can be done as lie-down or stand-up boarding and requires no experience. Six different slopes are included in the lie-down option, where speeds of up to 80km/hour can be reached. Namibia Click and Travel describes stand-up sandboarding as snowboarding with a difference.

Swakopmund Fat Bike Tours

Three different bike tours are on offer for fat bike tours in Swakopmund: Eco-scenic desert tour, ‘Old city’ Swakopmund tour, and the Low-tide beach cruise.

Adventures along the coast

Dolphin and seal cruise

Catamaran Charters offers morning cruises from the Walvis Bay Waterfront that continue into the bay areas. A shipwreck, lighthouse, oyster platforms, different bird species, seals and an abundance of marine life are just some of the attractions in the area. During the summer, larger mammals such as southern right and humpback whales may be spotted. Killer whales (orcas) might make an appearance, if visitors are lucky. Enjoy the experience comfortably relaxing in the saloon, on the trampolines or on deck, while enjoying a glass of sparkling wine and delicious trademark snacks.

Pelican Point Kayaking

The Pelican Point kayaking tour gives guests the opportunity to kayak among the permanent seal colony at the tip of the Pelican Point Peninsula, about 35 kilometres outside Walvis Bay. The tour begins at 07h45 at the office of the Walvis Bay Waterfront, where guests meet their kayak guide. Guests are then taken in a 4×4 vehicle on a scenic drive along the Walvis Bay Lagoon and the salt mines to Pelican Point. A stop is planned along the way to take pictures of the countless flamingos, pelicans, large flocks of comorants and great variety of other birds and wildlife.


Fishing along the Namibian coastline, where the ocean meets the desert, promises an unforgettable experience of a fun and adrenalin-filled day. Namibia Click and Travel offers shark fishing on a catch-and-release basis only. Aquanaut Guides will assist you in finding the most promising spot for the day.

Compiled by: Melissa Jane Cook. Source: Kim Emmanuel.