A New Thrill In SA’s Paradise Kingdom


Adrenaline junkies need to head to Sun City’s Valley of the Waves to try out the new 155-metre slide – be prepared for sharp summits, high banking turns and heart-stopping plunges.

The new slide is part of part of the upgrade of the Valley of Waves and another waterpark fans can be on the lookout for another new slide that will be installed later in 2016, bringing the number to seven. The one- or two-person inflatable raft slide starts with a 54-diameter closed section, at 18m above the pool. Riders are surrounded by darkness as they journey through a twisted portion of the slide. As the light begins to fill the tube, they fall into the ‘boomerang’ section, where they are shot up an almost vertical wall that elevates them almost 12 metres above the pool, at speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour.

Aquatic Options

If this sounds a little too risqué for you, there are other gentler alternatives. Gently tube down a stream or be partially submerged in a waterside that spirals downhill. One of the main attractions at the Valley of Waves is the Roaring Lagoon – a 6 500 SQM wave pool with hydraulic mechanisms that generate waves of nearly two metres high every 90 seconds every half hour. The Lazy River offers a gentle, non-stop tube ride around an island, while The Royal Baths swimming pool beside the Amphitheatre offers a place to chill out with a cocktail in hand.

A Chance To Explore

For a drier choice, wander through the tropical forests surrounding the Valley of Waves and explore the Spider Web Sway Bridge, hidden cave waterfalls, and rare plant varieties. Check out the Bridge of Time that erupts every hour in a theatrical display, with rumbling sounds and smoke.

For more information, visit www.suninternational.com, Facebook SunCitySA or Twitter SunCityResortSA

Compiled by: Melissa Jane Cook




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