New Zealand Introduces Visas For South Africans

New Zealand Introduces Visas For South Africans

Effective 21 November 2016, all South Africans visiting New Zealand must be in possession of a visitor visa before travelling.

Currently, SA travellers are granted a visitor visa on arrival. As a result of the change, all SA passport holders will have to apply for a visa before departure. Applicants can apply online and those submitting paper applications can do so through VFS Global.

South Africans travelling to New Zealand before 21 November 2016 will be granted a visitor visa on arrival – valid for up to three months – provided they meet standard requirements, which include having sufficient funds, an outward-bound ticket and satisfying the immigration officer they are genuinely intending a visit.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) says that people who have already purchased tickets for travel to NZ prior to this announcement should immediately apply for a visitor visa if they are due to arrive on or after the 21 November 2016. INZ recommends that applicants apply for a visitor visa about six weeks in advance of their intended travel dates.

Source: eTNW. Image: Pixabay



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