OR Tambo Launches Smart Security Checkpoint

OR Tambo Launches Smart Security Checkpoint

OR Tambo International Airport is the first African airport to implement the Smart Security checkpoint that will digitise the security check process, speed up passenger progress through security and further enhance security through the use of scanners.

Boarding passes will be verified electronically at the security turnstile. The new system allows for up to seven passengers to be processed at one time. An X-ray machine is used to scan luggage for prohibited items and the X-ray images are analysed at a remote location in an office close to the lane. The diverter automatically separates cleared trays from trays that need further inspection, sending them to a separate belt.

A full-body scanner will detect any anomalies and is not limited to metal detection. The area of concern is highlighted on-screen and security agents are only then able to pat down that area of the body. “Passengers will find that with the new system there will almost be no need for physical pat-downs of passengers,” said Bongiwe Pityi, GM of OR Tambo International Airport.

There will also be less frequent requirements for laptops to be removed from bags and switched on. A remote claim table will also be situated close to the reclaim belt, where passengers can reclaim their items from the tray at their own pace.

Source: Travel and Meetings. Image: Pixabay



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