Put Your Staff First For Top-Notch Service

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Premier Hotels & Resorts employ over 1 500 passionate members of staff and are committed to their retention and development.

The hotel group prides themselves on forming emotional connections between their employees and their company. This influences their behaviour and the level of effort that they put into their work, as well as their success. Some of the ways they try to bring out the best in their employees is by offering learning and training, recognising work well done and creating a family atmosphere. 

Learning And Training

When employees have something new to learn or look forward to, they tend to enjoy coming to work. Through their relationship with the Academic College South Africa, the staff is able to attain nationally recognised qualifications (higher education equivalents) in a variety of areas ranging from a Certificate in Accommodation Services to a Diploma in Food and Beverage Management. Premier Hotels provides them with opportunities to put what they have learnt into practice and help them to take the next steps on their career path.

Recognising Work Well Done

They value the contributions of their employees and express gratitude by regularly recognising and rewarding them. At the annual gala dinner, certificates and prizes are handed out to those who have provided stellar service to guests and delivered on the promise of ‘where guests become friends’.

Creating A Family Atmosphere

Premier Hotels & Resorts is family-owned and run and they want to make everyone who works there feel like they are part of the family too. Together they celebrate positive hotel reviews, the end of the season, and staff birthdays along with other personal and professional milestones.

Compiled by: Melissa Jane Cook. Source: Eclipse Public Relations. 



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