Save In Currency And Manage Exchange Rate Volatility

Save In Currency And Manage Exchange Rate Volatility

If you are planning an overseas trip at the end of the year, save in a foreign currency and secure the current exchange rate.


Anthony Grant, CEO of FNB Foreign Exchange says that when you travel overseas, the amount of foreign currency you require may fluctuate according to the level of the exchange rate. Saving in currency cushions you against the fluctuation of the local currency by averaging the exchange rate over a period of time.

Speak to your bank about how you can start saving now in the currency (FNB offers a Global Account) and make it easier to build up enough currency to cover your travel expenses. Generally, people travel save their travel money in a Rand denominated bank account; however, it’s possible to put money aside in nine foreign currencies. In addition, FNB travellers, for example, who have a Multi-currency Cash Passport™ can transfer funds from the Global Account and use the Cash Passport™ for making purchases and ATM withdrawals in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD while overseas.

According to Grant, travellers from South Africa are seeking greater global transactional ability. People work overseas, receive foreign investment income, make investments in many different markets and have families around the world. They expect to transact overseas with the same ease of transacting locally.

“South African residents over the age of 18 may avail an allowance of R1 million per calendar year for any legal purpose, which includes investments, without having to produce a Tax Clearance Certificate. Foreign investment as a foreign capital allowance up to R10 million per calendar year may also be invested offshore subject to a Tax Clearance Certificate issued by SARS,” adds Grant.

“Before travelling overseas, conduct some research about the country you plan to visit and draw up itinerary of the activities and allocate a budget against each activity. In this way you will be able to determine how much you need to save for your travel,” concludes Grant.

Source: FNB. Image: Pixabay