Savour The Splendours Of Safari

Savour The Splendours Of Safari

Our vast continent has fascinating cultures, cosmopolitan cities and wildlife and bush that is truly the best in the world. You simply have to take yourself on safari to experience nature’s magnificence.

Here are a few tips to make your journey perfect:

  1. Pack your sense of adventure and sense of humour, and stay open-minded to create as many memories for yourself as possible.
  2. Africa does get cold so pack accordingly. Many people are under the impression that Africa stays hot 365 days a year, but this is incorrect. Depending on where you are travelling, there are different seasons and a cold winter season is one of them.
  3. Don’t over-pack, but travel light and smart. Toss that corporate wheelie bag and pack all your travel goods into a strong backpack.
  4. Don’t bring new walking shoes. Bring comfortable shoes that have already been walked to avoid any unnecessary blisters that could possibly get infected.
  5. Protect your skin. The African sun is strong and intense and can sometimes go unnoticed. You can purchase sunscreen and lip balm in Africa, but sometimes it is more pleasant to wear what your body knows.
  6. Be sure to pack a small medical kit with painkillers, Imodium, repellent and antiseptics for yourself.
  7. Pack your own pillow for comfort.
  8. Stay hydrated on a drive by drinking enough water throughout the day.
  9. Take a bean bag with you on safari. The roads can get bumpy, especially when doing game drives, and the bean bag will assist with the balance of the camera and allow for clear photos of Africa’s beauty.
  10. Have all your travel documents and copies thereof sorted before travelling. This is an absolute must, just in case something does happen to the original copies. Having all your documents ready also allows for smoother border checks and clearance.
  11. Bring pens and crayons instead of sweets, to hand over to the local kids.
  12. Always remember to bring a flashlight or a head torch. When going to the bush, a flashlight will always be needed.
  13. Wet wipes are a must. When going on an overnight safari or bush camping it is great to have wet wipes so you can sit in your tent and clean your face and get fresh for the day.
  14. A day pack is great because it can be used to store everything for the day, while your main backpack is stored away in the truck. It is also pretty useful for those overnight safaris and day trips that one would do.



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