Six Fun Teambuilding Ideas In Mauritius

Image: Pixabay

If you are heading off to Mauritius for your next meeting, conference or event check out these awesome teambuilding opportunities.

  1. The Amazing Fun Drive

Heading off the beaten track and getting acquainted with the local people, their traditions and lifestyle is a must-do activity. This activity takes participants on a series of adventures across the island, involving maps, clues, questions and answers, with an emphasis on teamwork to overcome the various challenges set. 

2. MasterChef

Mauritius offers an exciting variety of exotic culinary delights that can be experienced through a play on the popular television series, MasterChef. Teams work together not only cooking and preparing local dishes, but also interacting with local merchants to purchase the necessary ingredients. This culinary experience gives participants the opportunity to discover some of the local spices, herbs and vegetables. 

  1. Rafting Challenges

Sun, sand and water are central to this destination and rafting offers participants all of that and more. Participants are grouped into teams to design and construct a raft that has to stand the test of time and stay afloat in a fun water obstacle course. To build their raft, participants have to buy the necessary items from the local bazaar.

  1. Canyoning

The spectacular canyons on the island make for great teambuilding for more adventurous groups. The activity can be adapted to suit the needs of any particular group and their fitness levels. Offered at a variety of sites across the island, canyoning can include hiking, swimming, jumping in rivers and abseiling down rock faces – even through waterfalls at times.

  1. Beach Games

What better place to spend the day than on a pristine beach? At Long Beach Golf and Spa Resort, beach games ensure visitors do exactly that. This teambuilding exercise involves a variety of activities that teams compete in, such as beach volleyball, tug of war, sandcastle building and even paddling races. A variety of water sports can also be included in the event, all aimed at building team spirit and getting participants to work together.

  1. The Fun Bike

This is one of the newer activities on the island and is a unique bike that comes in the shape of a wagon with 14 seats and pedals. All seats face each other with a long table in the middle acting as a bar area. The bike is ideal for rides on the beaches and any off-road path.

Compiled by: Melissa Jane Cook. Source: Liesl Venter. 



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