Tastes like summer- African Coktails and Seafood


Africa and its neighbouring islands are all blessed with sizzling summers and healthy food options that are light, refreshing, packed with flavour, and bursting with colour. Whether its fresh crab off the boat in Kenya, line fish cooked on the coals on a beach in Paternoster.

Chinese and Indian dishes with distinct island flair.

When visiting Cape Town, head for the harbour and the V&A Waterfront complex. There’s nothing like sitting out in the open next to the water enjoying a portion of steaming hot fish and chips wrapped in layers of paper, matched with a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc – Peter Tempelhoff’s Mondiall restaurant is making a name for itself, or pop into Nobu at The One&Only Cape Town for Asian dishes that will make your soul spin with delight.


iStock_000030877096_LargeSeafood eaten next to the sea somehow always tastes better – and more authentic. Another spot to taste the ocean’s bounty is at Camps Bay, where there are restaurants on one side of the street and the ocean in all its endless glory is just across the road. read more…



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