The (Paintball) Battle Of Magoebaskloof

The (Paintball) Battle Of Magoebaskloof

What can beat a canopy tour over the Groot Letaba River in Limpopo? The answer: paintball shooting an indigenous forest!

Magoebaskloof in Limpopo is a definite go-to during the holiday season that caters for both adventure and nature lovers. Situated on the Georges Valley Road, Magoebaskloof Adventures makes use of the area’s untapped natural resources to offer visitors adventure activities on the Letaba River. 

Firing Like A Pro

Of all the women who were part of the Limpopo Tourism media crew, my colleague Hlulani Masingi and I were the only two prepared to take on the guys in paintball forest warfare. Hlulani was put in the orange team, while I teamed up with the green team – also known as the winning team! Donned in safety overalls and helmets, a van took us deep into the forest to what would be our battlefield for the day. After going over the safety measures and rules of the game, it was showtime, but before we entered the hot zone, we made a pact: ‘My friend, even though we’re on opposite teams, we mustn’t shoot each other, okay? Deal!’

Strategies were mapped out and while our team managed to win the first round, it most certainly wasn’t without stains and would-be bruises. The second round was an even bigger rush that put our friendship to the test. Without my prescription glasses on, I could make out the orange enemy, but not who was wearing the orange! I aimed, fired and … yes, I celebrated my victory shot while we reloaded and took stock of our battle wounds, until I learned that I had struck my friend. My team might’ve walked away the winners, but I certainly didn’t earn ‘friend of the year’.

Activities offered at Magoebaskloof

These activities are definitely not for the fainthearted:

  • Abseiling
  • The Magoebaskloof Canopy Tour
  • Gecko-tubing
  • Paintball course
  • Climbing wall
  • Team building for corporate and school groups

You can learn a lot on a three-day trip to a region and I never realised quite how beautiful Limpopo province is. I highly recommend you add it to your getaway bucket list – and if you do decide to make a Shot Left to Magoebaskloof, don’t forget about paintball!

Words and image: Thina Mthembu