Top 5 Bleisure Destinations

Image: Pixabay

Business travellers are drawn to particular destinations for various reasons, ranging from an enjoyable cultural experience to a profitable business sector.

The Telegraph has compiled a list of the top five business destinations and why they are attractive to potential business travellers.

  • Singapore is one of the top cities for 2016 business travel according to the Global Travellers Business Association (GBTA). Travellers reportedly enjoy the infrastructure as well as the mobile and Wi-Fi technology, which is available everywhere. The mix of culture and food also offer a unique experience for travellers.
  • Vietnam is said to be attractive due to its 7-percent yearly economic growth, which is influenced by the number of commercial opportunities opening up.
  • Colombia is gaining popularity because it has a rapidly growing middle class and a relatively stable economy, with the help of its government.
  • Mexico, where the GBTA is set to host its conference in April, is also a travel hotspot due to its ever-growing tourist attractions. However, business travellers are advised to be on high alert in terms of security.
  • Lastly, India is said to be emerging as an attractive business destination due to its booming business sector.

Compiled By: Melissa Jane Cook

Source By: Travel And Meetings. Image: Istock.