Travel To An Ancient Time In Damaraland And Kunene


Damaraland and the remote Kunene region are a feast for the eyes and food for your soul.

A drive through Kunene, will give you a sense that you on the road to meet the angels, as the dry mountains unfold, layer after layer, beneath you. Damaraland will transport you to ancient times, with breath-taking landscapes steeped in history, expressed in ancient water courses, dramatic granite mountains and thousands of San rock paintings.

Named after the Damara people, an ethnic group in Namibia, Damaraland stretches all the way south from Kaokoland to the Erongo mountains.

Avis Navigating Namibia Infographic

Stop and marvel at the red sandstone and astonishing rock art of Twyfelfontein, the art dates to the Stone Age and features more than 2000 art works – now that’s enough to stop traffic, just make sure you are in line with the Namibian road regulations and drive on the left-hand side of the road.

With twists and turns, coupled with the slippery surface and sharp-edged stones on gravel roads, take it easy when you manoeuvre your way to the beginning of time. Stick to the 60km/h speed limit and keep a safe following distance to ensure you navigate this trail safely. A double-cab Toyota Hilux from Avis Rent a Car, with its extra traction and raised ground clearance, will make your trip safer and more comfortable, so you can just enjoy the drive. Keep a look-out for wildlife, home to desert-adapted elephant and rhino, that you may spot as they tend to cross some parts of the Damaraland and Kunene route.

Take the scenic route from Windhoek, drive north to Okahandja on the B1, then west on the B2, and finally drive north-west along the C36 towards Omaruru and Uis. Here you will see the Burnt Mountain, a volcanic magma ridge with a surface that changes colour, depending on the time of day. At sunrise and sunset, the rock changes into an amber rush, turning rich shades of red, yellow and brown.

Close by is a gorge called Organ Pipes. It’s not the music of nature, but a marvel nonetheless. Made up of pipe-like dolomite formations up to four metres long, it stretches over more than a hundred metres. The vast beauty covers you from all sides, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the driving seat or a passenger.

Near the town of Khorixas, you’ll find the Petrified Forest, which sounds magical, scary and adventurous all at the same time. The forest is a collection of fossilised tree trunks, at least 200 000 years old, washed down the Anabib river valley. This is Africa untouched and untamed . . . so go out and enjoy the road less travelled.

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Source & Images: Ogilvy PR