Understanding The Gen Z Business Traveller

Understanding The Gen Z Business Traveller

Travel managers should get to know the new generation of travellers to ease travel management.

“Generation Z or Gen Z” is a millennial group of travellers who grew up during the internet era. Their business travel planning and experience are influenced by technology, says travel management company, BCD Travel.

Five points that travel managers should know about when working with Gen Z travellers:

  1. Gen Z are tuned in. Whether it’s about money, health or the environment, Gen Z know what’s happening. They travel less, are more selective and are more likely to make decisions based on environmental impact and personal experience. Their business travel decisions are influenced by the value they find in going on a trip versus staying home.
  1. This generation of business travellers spend more time watching videos on mobile devices, with 70% spending more than two hours a day on YouTube (according to a study by Fleishman Hillard, a public relations and marketing research firm). “This means video calls and conferences are critical tools to include in a corporate travel programme,” explains BCD.
  1. Gen Z consumers use many screens per day: smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches and TV. According to BCD: “They are hyper-connected and expected the same from others – including their travel manager and travel agent.”
  1. Travel managers should get to the point in eight seconds or less. “Relevant and personal messages are key to grabbing and keeping their attention. Nix the long introductions and get to the point.”
  1. According to BCD, the Gen Z traveller wants to see notifications such as delayed flight information on their smartphones or smart watches. When it comes to complex questions about a trip or an issue, BCD advises travel managers to help them as soon as possible by using social media such as Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, or text.

Travel and Meetings. Image: Pixabay