Ways To Keep Your Travellers’ Info Safe

Ways To Keep Your Travellers’ Info Safe

To avoid your travellers becoming victims of fraudulent activity and to promote safety while travelling, travel managers should advise their business travellers on ways to safeguard their travel information.

Business travellers who carry around paper itineraries, tickets and boarding passes may be more vulnerable to travel and identity fraud. That’s because personally identifiable information – passenger name, record locator, booking information and so on – can be extracted from the digits and bar codes printed on these travel documents. Fraudsters can use this information to access and steal credit card numbers, drain airline mileage accounts or even book flights at the traveller’s expense.

Four critical points managers should tell their travellers:

  1. Advise travellers not to post pictures online of their travel itineraries, tickets or boarding passes.
  2. Make sure travellers understand the dangers of leaving their boarding passes and tickets on a plane or in a hotel room. Advise them against leaving these documents behind, even when their trip is over.
  3. On their return, travellers should shred these travel documents rather than throwing them away in the trash.
  4. Travel managers could swap paper documents for digital boarding passes and itinerary management apps. This is safer because the security code on mobile devices helps keep traveller information secure, even if the device is lost or stolen.

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