What Woman In Travel Really Want

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As the travel industry’s workforce comprises primarily of women, it’s important for employers to understand what women in travel want.

One-hundred-and-thirty-eight travel professionals shared their thoughts on some of the critical elements that can make or break a happy work environment.

According to respondents, growth opportunities are what matter to them most at work, with 67% of agents selecting this as a key factor. A high salary (57%), good relationships with co-workers (54%) and acknowledgement (54%) were also deemed by women in the industry as important elements in a happy work environment. Opportunity to travel scored lowest, with just 48% of respondents saying this was an important consideration.

When it comes to the unique needs of women in the workplace, it seems most agents would like their employers to take greater cognisance of the responsibilities they have towards their children. Home emergencies that might require time away from work were the biggest concern for women, with 74% of respondents highlighting this as an important consideration for employers. This was followed by agents saying that those who had children found it difficult to work late (52%) and attend after-hours events (46%).

Personal safety when attending events seems to be another concern for female agents, with almost half (46%) saying they thought this was something employers should keep in mind. Of slightly less importance was maternity leave, which only 42% of respondents selected as a necessary consideration. Interestingly, travelling for business was not a particular concern for women with children, as only 33% said this was something employers needed to be aware of.

Apparently female travel professionals are relatively unfazed by men who play golf, something that is often used by professionals within the industry as an effective networking tool. But women say they don’t feel there is a lack of female-centric networking activities for them to engage in, and that the lack thereof is not a concern for them. A scant 19% of respondents highlighted this as something that employers within the travel industry should be aware of.

Compiled by: Melissa Jane Cook. Source: Travel and Meetings. 



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