World Elephant Day: Save The African Elephant

World Elephant Day: Save African Elephants
Life-size African elephant sculpture in New York City (Image via Instagram/Jenny480480)

Amarula, in partnership with WildlifeDirect, hosted a large-scale event in New York City with a life-size ice sculpture of the endangered elephant as part of its campaign.

Amarula, in partnership with WildlifeDirect, launched their latest campaign ‘Don’t Let Them Disappear’ at a visually arresting event in New York City on World Elephant Day. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the ongoing struggle to protect the world’s declining African elephant population. To illustrate the rapid rate at which the world is losing these gentle giants, a life-sized African elephant sculpted out of ice was placed in Union Square in the summer heat. The life-like sculpture gradually melted in a captivating visual installation, dramatically symbolising the alarming rate at which the African elephants are disappearing at the hands of poachers.

Says Kirsten Alana, New York photographer and Instagrammer who recently visited Amboseli National Park in Kenya: “In a city like New York we are so far removed from the plight of the African elephant, this activation really drives the message home that we are losing these soulful creatures and soon they could be extinct. We can all make a difference by choosing to not buy ivory.”

Dr Paula Kahumbu, a foremost authority on African elephants and CEO of Amarula’s charitable partner, WildlifeDirect, was present to educate and help raise awareness. According to Kahumbu, the future of the African elephant is at a tipping point. Recent data shows that poachers kill around 96 African elephants every day for their ivory. There are only approximately 350 000 African elephants left in the world, and one is lost every 15 minutes. “This campaign is a critical component to our global conservation efforts. More importantly Amarula is a global brand, which means we can reach consumers around the world with our key message that ivory belongs on elephants,” she adds.

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Since 2002, Amarula has invested over R9m to save the African elephant through their NPO, the Amarula Trust, and plans to continue their work in this field. In an effort to raise awareness locally, Amarula has released a limited edition bottle with a label that is without its iconic elephant. “Removing the elephant from our logo signifies our commitment to the fight against ivory poaching and saving the African elephant from extinction. If we don’t raise awareness to stop the ivory trade, elephants will disappear,” says Saramien Dekker, Amarula Global General Manager.

Watch the Amarula World Elephant Day web film here. For more information about Amarula and their ‘Don’t Let Them Disappear Campaign’, visit:

Source and images: Have You Heard for Amarula