5 Big African Adventures


The African continent is renowned for its wildlife and there are plenty of exciting wild animal encounters to be had. But if you’re looking for a serious adrenalin fix, try one of these extreme adventures for size.

  1. Great White Shark Viewing And Cage Diving, South Africa

Few experiences match eyeballing a great white shark and Cape Town is the best place in the world to do just that. With over 10 000 predatory events recorded over the past 18 years, the chance to see and learn about natural predation at Seal Island, in False Bay, is unrivalled globally.

Although the chance to get up close and personal with magnificent great whites from the submerged cage is the main attraction for most guests, shark-viewing and cage-diving operators Chris and Monique Fallows are internationally renowned shark fundis who aim to educate their visitors about the ocean’s predators rather than provide a quick adrenalin fix.

Shark enthusiasts sail out from Simon’s Town harbour before dawn and then, as the sun is rising, watch the playful antics of the seals around the island. Suddenly the calm is broken: there’s a flash of white as the apex predator of the ocean launches itself out of the water and disappears with a baby seal in its mouth, as you stand there speechless on the deck. Then it’s time to don a wetsuit and mask and get into the cage – if you’re feeling brave, that is!

Sightings of dolphins, whales and seabirds on the journey back to the harbour are almost guaranteed, making this trip one of Africa’s most magical adventures.

  1. White-Water Rafting, Zimbabwe/Zambia

The Zambezi River still rates as the ultimate white-water adventure for most visitors to southern Africa, and no wonder. It has everything – a stunning put-in at the base of Vic Falls, an impressive journey through the steep-sided Batoka Gorge, and seriously scary rapids.


Images: Shaen Adey, Fiona Mcintosh And Supplied.



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