Changing Trends In Hotel Food Offerings

Image: Pixabay

BON Hotels looked at trends affecting the hotel industry and found that, even when not staying in a five-star hotel, guests still expected five-star quality food.

During the ‘80s and ‘90s the popular trend was for hotels to outsource their food and beverages to major restaurant operators and franchises; however, hotels have recently started taking back ownership in this department. Most hoteliers outsourced their restaurant service because they did not have the food and beverage skills, and it also seemed much easier to work with a restaurant operator.

This led to the hotels having little control over service levels and standards, and being unable to guarantee their guests a perfect meal. Myths such as ‘there is no money in hotel food and beverage – except breakfast’, ‘hoteliers should focus on selling rooms’ and ‘hotel guests do not eat in hotels’ have led to poor management of catering, something that has changed with the rise in insourcing of hotel food.

With travellers opting to work and eat at the same time due to tight schedules, having effective work spaces and room service gives guests the opportunity to work and enjoy the experience of being in a hotel. Another trend that has lost momentum is outsourcing restaurant offerings to high-profile chefs and restaurateurs. There is an excellent opportunity for local operators to create their own restaurant brands by researching the local market and guest profiles.

Compiled By: Melissa Jane Cook. Source By: Travel And Meetings. Image By: Pixabay