Get off the shore


Get off the shore

By Phindiwe Nkosi

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” (André Gide)

Water is life – that is a relatively uncontested fact. Water is part of many birth rituals and a significant part of coming to age ceremonies. Biblical scholars link water to several supernatural encounters and divine miracles. Water is not just a want, but a need. A vital composition of who we are.

In as much as this blog is not about water, it is about stepping off the shore, kicking off those shoes and stepping onto unknown waters. There are many reasons why your next road-trip should be headed to yet unclassified waters.

Why water inspired trips are a must:

  • Healing waters

In African mythical tales, water is known for its healing properties. Head out to your nearby spa, beach or uncontaminated water puddle after the rain and dip your feet to feel what water can do for you.

  • Dream come true

In the North West Province, one gets “Toro Yame”, a leisure cruise boat. Imagine waters, music, edibles and friends cruising the still waters of Hartbeespoort Dam… This is your shot to rock the boat!

  • Luhlaza” means blue and green

Luhlaza” means blue and green in Xhosa. Nothing says welcome, relax and feel at home like the watering holes at national parks. They are a touch of heaven and nourishment to the animals flocking to those waters.

  • Midnight encounters

Few things beat a midnight swim to chase away the tiredness of the night and welcoming the cool of the morning. If you are looking for intimate lodges and/or guest houses which offer the ideal midnight swim encounters, based on my experiences, I strongly recommend Dumelang Executive Lodges in Midrand and Sandton as well as Boga Legaba in Mafikeng.

  • Ice skating ranks

So, you like the wet effect, but hate the ripples and nauseating feelings? No problem! In fact, turn down the temperatures, pull up your sleeves and head to your nearest ice skating joint at a mall.

  • Connecting boats

Hulala Lakeside Lodge in Mpumalanga and Dikhololo Game Reserve have unforgettable boat rides which range from seasonal paddle boats to more reliable ones. The experiences are not those that elicit screams, but harbor intimacy and deep connections.

  • Make a wish

What if you could toss a coin into the water and make a wish along with hundreds of others on a daily basis? Head to the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa in Pretoria or the small wishing fountain at Monte Casino, Fourways.

What was your most memorable water experience? Do share your views, comments and moments below. While at it, remember to conserve water so that we can enjoy and save it for generations to come.

Image by: Phindiwe Nkosi



Get off the shore
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