Why Kids Ask Are We There Yet?


Just how do you rate as a travelling companion for your children? A new Ford survey* reveals that the bizarre antics of parents on road trips annoy their kids just as much as kids do their folks.

Kids are often blamed for being a disruptive influence on car journeys, but new data suggests that parents create just as much tension while on the move.

Poll Breakdown

The Ford survey was conducted in an effort to better understand what children like and don’t like about travelling in cars and reveals surprising differences from country to country:

  • Singing parents are least popular in the UK, where 39 percent of children ranked this their biggest pet hate.
  • Children in France, the only country that didn’t rank singing as the worst habit, were twice as likely to complain about their parents shouting at other drivers.
  • Across Europe, 61 percent of children revealed parents got angry or used ‘naughty words’, with French parents the worst offenders (74 percent).
  • Italy is the only country where less than half of parents lose their temper (39 percent)
  • Asking: “Are we there yet?” when bored is the most likely response overall (63 percent).
  • Children in the U.K. and Italy are more likely to ask mom and dad to put on some music.
  • 26 percent said mom and dad hand over their smartphones for them to play with.
  • 20 percent get to watch a film or TV show.
  • K. parents are most likely to offer a snack (29 percent).
  • And the best-behaved children apparently are in Germany, where 38 percent claim their parents don’t need to make them behave in the car.
  • Though both boys and girls across all countries identified dad as the best driver (61 percent), it was Italian dads that got the biggest thumbs up (67 percent).
  • K. moms came closest to being the favourite (45 percent).
  • The children most likely to highlight nose picking as the worst parental habit are in the UK, followed by Italy and Germany.

Ford Entertainment

“Ford has a number of exciting in-car entertainment technologies, but unfortunately these technologies can’t improve the singing abilities of tone deaf parents but perhaps they can provide some entertainment ” says Liz Venter, B-MAX Brand Manager, Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa. According to Venter, the recently launched spacious Ford B-MAX is the ultimate family vehicle, featuring Ford’s SYNC® voice-activated in-car connectivity system. The ingenious design that allows unparalleled access to the front and rear seats, a full length panoramic roof to keep the kids entertained, as well as the child observation mirror that allows parents to keep an eye on the kids.

* Survey of 2 002 children aged 7 to 12 in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. conducted for Ford Motor Company by Opinion Matters during 2015.

Compiled by: Melissa Jane Cook





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