Nine Annoying Types Of Travel Companions

Nine Annoying Types Of Travel Companions

Whether you travel for work or for pleasure, you’ll inevitably run into people that make you feel like you’re on Candid Camera. Here are nine of the most uncomfortable, rude, improper, obnoxious, and downright annoying types of travellers that will make you silently pray for the trip to come to an end.

1. The Latecomer

The Latecomer is the king/queen of rudeness. Whether it’s at work or in your social life, we all know one person who wears this title. Not surprisingly, they will screw up your travel plans. Hope you like sprinting through the airport to catch your flight, because that’s what your day will be like when you travel with The Latecomer. As a precaution, always tell The Latecomer to arrive much earlier than needed to counter their tardiness.

2. The Over Talker

Silence is golden… just not to everyone. Sure, you want to talk to the person you’re travelling with, but you also enjoy some quality downtime. The Over Talker, however, doesn’t care if you’re reading, listening to your iPod, watching a movie or even trying to sleep. This annoying traveller needs stern, clear boundaries. “When I get on a plane, I just like to doze off and go to sleep. OK?” 

3. The Selfish Traveller

This travel mate is the best person to travel with – if you plan on not doing anything you enjoy. When you invite the Selfish Traveller along, you will eat, sleep and play wherever they like. And don’t even think about suggesting something else.

4. The Lazy Bum

Yes, vacations should be about relaxing, but they should not be about doing absolutely nothing 24/7. The Lazy Bum adds their own unmannerly twist to rest and relaxation. They like to sleep in until 11h00, then have lunch for a couple of hours, then finally make it to the beach, where they’ll nap the day away – and you’ll be lucky if you even get a night out on the town the entire trip. The Lazy Bum and the Latecomer are kindred spirits, so watch out for a double whammy of unmannerly behaviour.

5. The Over Active Traveller

The polar opposite to the Lazy Bum, the Over Active Traveller will also ruin your travels in numerous ways. Waking up for a 04h00 hike up a mountain? Sure! Swimming with the sharks? Sign me up! Base jumping into rocky waters? Just point me in the direction. The Over Active Traveller is not the person you want to bring with you if you plan to lay on the beach, sipping margaritas and working on your tan. In fact, with this character you’ll be lucky to even get a drink in at all. I mean, why sit in the sand when you can wrestle an alligator?

6. The Over Packer

A weekend trip does not require three pieces of luggage for one person. When you travel with the Over Packer, the only option you’ll have is to pay a double bag fee. We live in the 21st century where there are plenty of ways to check the weather at your destination and pack accordingly. Worst case, you have to go shopping and pick up an item or two. The chances are the Over Packer will not have that problem because they will have brought their entire closet.

7. The Photographer

Travelling should be a great time to take photos of unique places and create some memories, yet there comes a time when you have to put the camera down and just enjoy the moment. The Photographer (who is usually not a real photographer) is obsessed with capturing every second of the trip, not to mention having to lug around their gigantic camera that looks like it should be anchoring a cruise boat.

8. The Over Planner

Sometimes it’s perfectly OK to take the day as it comes. However, there will always be that one person who has a set itinerary for your entire day that will leave you wondering if you even get a break to use the restroom. When you travel with the Over Planner, it’s best to beat them at their own game by mentioning (more than once) how much you can’t wait to “just relax and not have to worry about where to be and when.” Feel free to repeat this phrase as often as possible during the trip too. Vacations are not supposed to be like work, so don’t tie yourselves down to a calendar.

9. The Travel Snob

Planning a trip with the Travel Snob is pure torture. You can list a dozen hotels and they’ll turn up their nose at every one. That great restaurant you read about? Nope, not good enough. The Travel Snob has been there, done that and has a snotty view on everything. You have two options: a) Submit to their ego and go with their flow, or b) Beat them to the punch and book things ahead of time.

Source: Richie Frieman, Huffington Post. Image: Pixabay



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