Travellers Want Personal Service

Image: Facebook

Surveys reveal that travellers are looking for more individualised experiences.

According to InterContinental Hotel Group’s 2016 Trends Report, travel agents, hotels and airlines are expected to see their customers as individuals with varying needs and provide them with tailor-made experiences. This is especially important in the high-end market. Disposable income affords choices and people can be quick to leave brands that don’t fulfill promises.

IHG said it was not enough to get guests to subscribe to a hotel database and receive a small discount. With the rise of digital and social media, consumers wield more power than ever before and can browse and buy online no matter the time or place, and share their experiences instantly.

What does this mean for the travel industry?

According to Google’s Traveller’s Road to Decision Report, 83 percent of travellers find inspiration on where and how to travel through social media, such as videos and photos. IHG’s report further suggests that hotels need to excite and inspire with ideas and offers based on guests’ past travel choices to bring in new guests and keep regulars coming back for more.

The report also calls on brands to humanise their communication with guests and to go beyond the transaction, helping to build trust and keep the brand relevant. Hotels must create a community of guests who can share insights into their experiences with others, while the hotel offers up personalised experiences and rewards for loyal guests.

Compiled by: Melissa Jane Cook. Source: InterContinental Hotel Group.